An industry-leading automotive manufacturer with locations throughout North America needed to improve real-time communication and have the ability to visualize vital information across the entire organization. Challenges included disorganized information from multiple sources, the use of multiple signage platforms, slowed reaction response and issue remediation and information visibility that was limited to production line displays. End users needed to quickly view, assets and act on information to better manage workflows, productivity and safety.


Radiant Technology deployed a digital communication platform to power over 100 displays throughout the facility. Our digital signage platform integrates with numerous operational and administrative systems to collect and distribute information across the organization. Radiant’s Professional Services team designed and developed visual dashboards, so users can view real-time data and KPIs to make informed decisions. Today, the manufacturer uses our solution across multiple locations throughout North America. Our remote, onsite and digital content management services optimize performance and decrease downtime.


By consolidating the system and signage platforms used across the enterprise, we help the manufacturer identify areas for cost-savings and increased efficiencies throughout the production plant. Data visualization organizes and displays relevant information to key stakeholders, accelerating the decision-making process from 6-8 months to 6-8 weeks. Our scalable digital signage solution distributes targeted messaging and data across multiple locations, so the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. Our Core Advantage managed services contract maximizes system uptime, so the manufacturer can increase productivity and drive impact.

“Radiant has been a great partner. The team makes sure our systems are always up and running.”