Elevate the passenger journey

We reduce travel anxiety and create pleasant passenger experiences with reliable, contextual information visualization throughout the journey.

Streamline operational workflows

We also optimize operational workflows for airport staff, vendors and airlines to easily manage and distribute content that also improves passenger experiences. Learn more

Smart, reliable, enterprise digital signage ecosystems for modern airports

We become an Extension of Your Team to provide high-performance, reliable digital solutions to elevate passenger experiences and streamline airport operations to deliver highly personalized, contextual content at the point of use.

Digitally transform your airport with solutions that perfectly blend design and functionality to create standout, action-driven digital experiences throughout your airport from a single canvas.

Airport digital experience partner

As airports rethink their EVIDS and move focus towards building an enterprise (DCMS) Digital Content Management System platform, Radiant Technology is one of the few providers who have successfully helped airports transform their environments with a single, consolidated platform that becomes a single canvas for all screens everywhere.

Airports need an experienced partner who can not only help manage a consolidation, but can support clients with integration of Airport Operational Databases (AODBs), Resource Management System (RMS), sensors and all of the other data systems that can identify the right message and personalize it for the passenger needing that information at just the right time in their journey navigating the airport.

We focus on outcomes that deliver elevated digital experiences with workflows for operational efficiencies to optimize passenger journeys.

digital transformation

Transformative passenger engagements.

When Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport embarked on a multi-year, airport refresh, they envisioned a single, consolidated digital signage solution to control information and communication across the airport.

Learn how Radiant Technology’s strategic planning, data integration, monitoring and management are driving MSP’s entire signage ecosystem. 

Our airport clients value our industry expertise, design, custom development, delivery and support.

Enterprise DCMS Ecosystem

Creating a single digital canvas across your airport doesn't have to be daunting.

While most EVID projects are typically timed with a major renovation, expansion or AODB contract renewal, those projects are often focused on the project at hand and don’t consider a vision for the future. Major projects are a great catalyst for new systems, but there is a real opportunity for vision.

Radiant Technology works with airports and consultants to help create a Blueprint for the future. We consider more than just the technology and end user; we make sure the entire DCMS ecosystem is thought through and planned. We recognize that while most enterprise organizations have well-structured IT governance for standards, support, management procedures and lifecycle planning, most don’t have governance within their DCMS. In order to realize the outcomes desired for your deployment, issues around reliability, support and maintenance are often the barrier to success of the system. While this may sound daunting, it actually doesn’t have to be, and any project can be a catalyst for change to build towards a DCMS future.

The Modern Passenger Journey

From arrival to departure and everywhere in between, leveraging a single enterprise digital content management system (DCMS) ecosystem provides flexibility and scalability to grow with your operations. Our smart airport team are expert data architects capable of connecting the right information to the right screen at just the right time.

Roadway Signs

Override and automatically update roadway signage to guide travelers to available curbside services and ensure safe travel patterns for standard and oversized vehicles.

Shuttle Transport

Integrate arrival, departure and wait time data for shuttle services, so passengers can plan their routes to and from the airport.

DooH Advertising

Reach a diverse audience with premium, dynamic content to drive traveler foot traffic to nearby shops and restaurants.


Consolidate passenger check-in, provide branding opportunities for carriers and streamline common use airline assignments through one intuitive platform.


Integrate facility maps, transport schedules, system overrides and life safety systems to create an easy navigation experience for travelers.

Architectural Signage

Surprise and delight passengers with stunning works of digital art, large format video walls, and custom digital signage installations.


Communicate safety, security and general information to passengers using any screen within the airport environment.


Integrate with RMS and AODB platforms to provide real-time arrivals and departures information to passengers on designated banks throughout the airport.

Multi-Use FIDS

Repurpose empty FIDS banks to showcase advertisements and show contextual content, and override MUFIDS banks to show relevant emergency messages during crisis situations.

Departures Watchlist

Keep passengers informed of delays, cancelations, gate changes and boarding status updates for all flights leaving within the next 90 minutes.

Restroom Management

Help passengers navigate to less congested restroom options with less wait time to improve time management.

Concessions Management

Inform passengers of concessions open/closed statuses, walk times, wait times for improved decision-making on the concourse.


Manage gate information for all airline carriers and incorporate audio-to-text visual paging for ADA accessibility.

Baggage Handling Systems

Establish a consolidated, consistent platform for ground operators and integrate everything from the touchscreen to carousel to improve delivery SLAs.

Mobile Integration

Encourage passengers to use their mobile devices to access gate information, view amenity availability and receive security and visual paging messages.

EMS/Life Safety

Integrate with existing life safety systems to instantly communicate information and direct passengers to safety during an emergency.


Direct passengers to assigned carousels, oversized baggage locations and carrier-specific services offices.

Operations Management

Use striking visuals to simplify complex operational data and automate workflows for prompt issue remediation.
digital signage innovation

Drive better, reliable engagements with DXSuite™ by Radiant Technology.

The Radiant Digital Experience Suite (DXSuite™) serves as the core of your DCMS ecosystem, offering automation workflows, control mechanisms, seamless data integrations and monitoring and management capabilities. Its purpose is to ensure reliable and optimized end user experiences.

Our objective is to create a user-friendly, automated, and reliable ecosystem that allows you to focus on achieving desired outcomes, rather than getting bogged down by the intricacies of the systems.

API Gateway

The DXSuite API Gateway™ acts as a centralized data hub and API Gateway, enabling smooth integration between the CMS, AODB, RMS and other available data systems or sensors. This facilitates enhanced access to data, leading to improved future experience opportunities and better utilization of business intelligence.


The DXSuite Director™ provides a secure and user-friendly web interface for airport operators, airlines and vendors to efficiently manage EVID systems across the airport. In cases where existing airport-specific automations and workflows are absent, Director fills the gap.


The DXSuite Pulse™ monitoring system serves as the ecosystem's monitoring mechanism, overseeing the entire system's health. Pulse goes beyond CMS monitoring to include hardware, software, infrastructure and data integrity, ensuring 99.9x% reliability for all digital experiences. Pulse integrates automated workflows, establishing resiliency measures and minimizing subpar experiences.

managed services

Our award-winning managed services

Airports require mission-critical support to avoid downtime of the digital assets your passengers and staff depend on. Core Advantage support and managed services from Radiant Technology provides direct access to our elite team of content specialists, development experts, programmers and support engineers.

With Radiant Technology, we work as an extension of your team to deliver the right services and support level you need. Maximize system uptime and decrease your total cost of ownership with a Core Advantage support program tailored to your unique needs.

Maximize Digital Ecosystem Uptime

Radiant Pulse monitors your digital signage ecosystem, device management, system health and maintenance to reduce disruptions and maximize your investment. 

Our team

Our award-winning digital experience team

We have more than 20 years of experience driving transformative digital experiences. Not only do we implement your digital signage solutions, we also work as an extension of your team to bridge your digital experience gaps in these areas:

DCMS consolidation and infrastructure

Data integration and application engineering

Creative direction

UX and content workflows

User adoption training

Monitoring and management

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the benefits of using a digital signage CMS include: 

  • Centralized content management: easily create, update and schedule content from a single interface. 
  • Flexibility and scalability: quickly adapt content to different locations, screens or target audiences. 
  • Remote management: control and monitor displays remotely, reducing maintenance costs. 
  • Real-time updates: Instantly push content changes or emergency notifications across multiple screens. 
  • Data-driven insights: collect and display analytics on content performance and audience engagement. 

Digital signage can improve the passenger experience by providing clear, timely and highly personalized information; offering wayfinding navigational help; reducing perceived wait times through entertainment; and promoting airport services and vendors. Interactive digital signage can also enable passenger self-service for things like directions, information lookup and more. 

Yes, Radiant’s digital signage solutions can be integrated with other systems like the airport’s core operational database, flight information display system (FIDS), public announcement system, emergency alert system, weather, news and more. This allows for automatic updates of flight information, synchronized audio and visual announcements and immediate public alert notifications. 

The DXSuitesolution comes with (or works with your existing) content management system to allow for easy content updates and management. The CMS can be accessed remotely, meaning changes can be made in real-time or scheduled in advance from any location with internet access. You can direct content to a specific screen, set of screens or every screen and view it from your desktop before you publish. 

Digital signage typically involves display screens (LED, LCD, etc.), media players to play content and a network connection to update content through the CMS. The server software is used to create and manage content, schedule playlists and define display settings. The client player, installed on the digital signage screens, receives instructions from the server and renders content for the display. Advanced functionality employs the use of sensors for interactive data and content. 

Digital signage is designed to be highly reliable and suitable for 24/7 operation. Our implementations include commercial-grade screens and media players for increased longevity. Software system fail-safes and redundancy measures ensure continued operation in case of issues. The DXSuite includes monitoring, reporting and online support to maximize your digital ecosystem’s reliability 

We support your team from the very start with a roadmap for your digital signage implementation and quickly onboard and train your end users to improve adoption. Radiant’s elite team of support engineers, data architects and creative professionals work as an extension of your team to maximize the uptime of your digital signage ecosystem and fill your expertise gaps with strategic Core Advantage managed services.  

The DXSuite is an integrated digital signage ecosystem monitoring and management solution versatile enough to use cross-industry and cross-department for impactful digital communications. The DXSuite solution includes:  

  • A scalable digital signage content management system. 
  • An intuitive user interface for real-time or scheduled content updates.  
  • Data integration to connect vital information sources to the DCMS.  
  • Monitoring and reporting with online support.  
  • Secure, integrated authentication and authorization. 
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