Dedicated Support Engineers

Your dedicated support engineer is backed by a team of certified experts who ensure fast issue resolution to maximize uptime for your digital environment.

Complete Support Strategy

We support your evolving business technology needs with a holistic approach by plugging in the right resources when and where you need them most.

Managed Services Made Simple With Core Advantage

Receive unparalleled response time and dedicated support with our Core Advantage managed services program. Our easy-to-understand process and transparent cost structure provide a worry-free experience. 

You can count on our comprehensive support strategy to bridge any gaps in your digital ecosystem.

Managed Services

Tailor Your Core Advantage Program for Complete Support Coverage

Our managed services are designed to deliver reliable modern workplace digital experiences.

complete support strategy

The Right Services When and Where You Need Them

Radiant Technology is committed to delivering our customers a world class experience through strategic and customizable services. These services are designed to fill critical gaps in your digital ecosystem by positioning Radiant’s experts as an extension of your team.

The Core Advantage program guarantees our best minds and our passion is focused on your success. It is a commitment to protecting your investments and maximizing the lifecycle of the technology you depend on to communication and collaborate, drive innovation and growth and deliver measurable outcomes.

Core Advantage By the Numbers

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of our business is dedicated to managed services
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guaranteed system uptime
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5-star customer satisfaction rating

“We value the digital expertise Radiant Technology provides, in this case, using data to create better workflows behind the scenes which ultimately translates to a better passenger experience.”

"The [DCMS training] information is easily understandable. I like how the modules are broken down."

"Your services fill a void where we lack expertise. It's a headache if we have to do it ourselves."

"You knew what the problem was immediately and what to do. Your support engineer even found another issue that was not reported and took care of it. Very helpful and above and beyond in my opinion."

“I called on a weekend and one of your team members followed up with me. The fact I can speak to someone directly who can walk me through an issues is extremely valuable.”

“The [DCMS training] instructor is amazing. She really takes her time and is patient.”

Great support! Fast and helpful everytime I needed it! Thanks a lot!!
Core Advantage
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Onsite service and repair with response guarantee and hardware repair coverage.
  • Preventative care with proactive software, firmware and UI system management updates.
  • Remote monitoring and helpdesk support.
  • Advanced exchange program with replacement equipment ready to go.
  • Digital signage content management and tiered training.

Vision building for strategic support coverage.

We offer a holistic approach to your support strategy by focusing nearly one third of our business on your success. Our team of certified support engineers, application developers, data architects and creative professionals are dedicated to delivering modern workplace managed services in a simple, intuitive manner. Whether you’re bridging an experience gap or seeking monitoring and support, our managed services cover your evolving business needs. We plug-in resources when and where you need them the most. 

You receive a dedicated Support Engineer, a member of our certified experts who work as an extension of your team. Your Support Engineer intimately understands your digital environment, leads reoccurring meetings and provides consistent communication and documentation. They are available 24/7 to respond to your support goals.

At Radiant Technology, automated monitoring and remote support are paired with clear and simple processes to remediate issues as they arise. Proactive updates and management help prevent unexpected issues, providing highly reliable systems.

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