The Radiant Way

For more than 20 years, Radiant Technology Group has been revolutionizing the way people connect and engage by creating unique digital experiences. We not only implement reliable, innovative audiovisual solutions, but we take a holistic view of your digital ecosystem to develop strategic, multi-year plans that support your business goals.

We are different from average AV integrators because of our expertise in data integration, visualization, automation, monitoring and proactive support. This gives us the ability to solve your biggest business challenges to keep your costs low and efficiency high. 

Our three uniques:

  1. We think about Support first. 
  2. We integrate Data to drive impact. 
  3. We create a roadmap for the future. 
our proven process

Project success starts here.

Successful organizations depend on technology to reliably deliver remarkable digital experiences that connect and engage workers, customers and key stakeholders. 

It all starts with our Proven Process.

We gain a complete view of your current state of collaboration by assessing each component of your Collaboration Ecosystem: Users > Governance > Infrastructure > Management > Technology.
Considering system functionality, end user experience, lifecycle management, budget and more, we create a technology roadmap of short-term and long-term objectives to lead the way to your Ideal State of Collaboration.
We plan to win. This means we complete a project plan, provide strategic procurement and gain stakeholder agreement. Only then do we build, program and test the desired solution.
We provide seamless delivery to minimize disruption on site. The physical installation of your solution can happen simultaneously with user adoption. Ensure a successful implementation and return on investment by making user adoption training a priority!
Our portfolio of Professional Services has evolved to support your needs including: onsite and remote system maintenance and repair; monitoring and reporting; network infrastructure assessments, staffing and augmentation, training and user adoption and more.

our leadership

Industry thought leaders focused on client success.

The Radiant Technology Leadership Team is unique in our industry in the sense they are very hands-on and personally invested in client success. It is not uncommon to see them working on designs, hopping on calls and making onsite visits to ensure client outcomes are met. 

Flip the boxes over to see what makes our team tick.

Greg Myers

Radiant founder and avid outdoorsman, Myers approaches business much like his preparation and trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. He envisions the outcome, equips his team for success and doesn't stop until he achieves his objective.

Doug Freutel

Vice President & Visionary
Freutel's relentless pursuit of improving the end user experience makes him the ideal Visionary. He derives energy from pondering the possibility of greater potential and opportunity in any given situation and believes being a disrupter is not necessarily a bad thing.

Andy Bourquin

Director of Professional Services
Working his way from Installation Technician to Director of Professional Services takes drive and commitment. The same kind of drive Bourquin uses to motivate his team to deliver a positive client experience with every interaction.

Adam Bourquin

Director of Operations
Leading the Operations team with military-like precision to keep projects on time and on budget comes naturally for Bourquin who honed his skills in the U.S. Airforce. A master at multi-tasking while putting quality first is his super power.

Jax Zachariah

Chief Technology Officer
Zachariah is a skilled problem-solver with a knack for identifying the most important factors in any given situation. He has the ability to eliminate barriers, create operational efficiencies and leverage the strengths of others.

our core values

Our core values drive everything we do.

We manage by our Core Values and seek team members and clients who embrace these foundational beliefs.

Quality First

Challenges arise in work and life, corners are cut, sacrifices are made and most will settle for ‘good enough’. The bar at Radiant is higher. We are committed to ensuring Quality First is a focus in everything we do.

Make a Positive Impact

We are on a mission to impact lives through collaboration and technology. We aim to leave a lasting Positive Impact on those we engage, whether it’s a client, a vendor or a coworker.

Continuous Improvement

To Continuously Improve is to consistently raise the bar day after day, month after month, year after year. Our ability to adapt to challenges and change in our industry helps us improve our processes, increase the quality of our products and services and evolve our capabilities to match the needs of our clients.

Set Clear Expectations

Communicating what others should expect of us, and what we expect from others is a large component of collaboration, and a critical part of what makes our business successful. When we Set Clear Expectations, we help avoid confusion and leave little open to interpretation.

Own it - Prioritize and Execute

To Own It is more than just taking responsibility, it means we are invested until completion while adhering to all of our Core Values. We need determined leaders at every level to drive success by taking ownership and ensuring work is done regardless of hurdles, and according to a high standard of excellence.

our unique business solutions

Created to transform engagement and deliver results.

corporate charity

Hopecam keeps kids connected

For more than five years the team members at Radiant Technology Group have supported Hopecam’s efforts to connect children diagnosed with cancer with family and classmates. Using the technology of tablet computers, web cameras and high-speed Internet, they help end the isolation that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

We are creative fundraisers holding an annual gift card drive and holiday raffle, renting a dunk tank and having a pie in the face contest.

If you are not satisfied with your project after using our entire Proven Process, we will refund the cost of Blueprint design services.