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We engineer high-performance digital signage to give our clients reliable, unforgettable experiences by using data integration and automation to deliver highly personalized, contextual content.

Digitally transform your business with solutions that perfectly blend design and functionality to streamline operations and create standout, action-driven digital experiences.

digital transformation

Build a reliable enterprise digital signage ecosystem

We help enterprise clients implement a complete digital signage ecosystem. Revolutionize the way you communicate and engage by:

  • consolidating content management platforms
  • integrating and visualizing data
  • delivering contextual information

We empower you to create captivating and dynamic digital experiences that leave a positive impact. 

Seamlessly connect and engage your audiences like never before.

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Reinforce brand, unify culture and build collective consciousness across the enterprise.

Visual Messaging

Visual Messaging

Relay event information, departmental messaging and corporate objectives to staff and guests.

Change Management

Change Management

Effectively introduce and reinforce change management throughout the organization.



Welcome customers and visitors, and recognize strategic partners throughout your facility.



Connect to the world to keep environments fun, engaging and positive.



Acknowledge your employees and celebrate anniversaries, milestones and organizational wins.



Generate real time awareness with live metrics and KPIs to inform staff, identify issues, develop new ideas and facilitate remediations.

Live Data

Live Data

Real time integration with all types of data streamlines your systems to improve visibility and increase productivity.

Life Safety

Life Safety

Deliver relevant visual paging and emergency communications to keep your staff and guests safe in times of crisis.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Present actionable, real-time data to help teams identify, collaborate on and remediate critical issues.

Operations/ Logistics


Clearly communicate real-time operational and logistical information to staff and key stakeholders.



Integrate process optimization with life safety, quality, delivery and cost data to drive impact.

WOW Walls

WOW Walls

Generate inspiration, excitement and engagement with digital architecture.



Create unique interactive experiences to better connect with visitors.



Reinforce core values and history to build and maintain company culture.

Directional Wayfinding

Directional Wayfinding

Optimize flow and experiences, so customers can reach their destinations.

Interactive Wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding

Locate amenities, available resources and people across your organization.

Resource Management

Resource Management

Use digital signage to book spaces, locate amenities and manage resources. Integrated automation, monitoring and reporting facilitates and improves organizational response.
digital signage innovation

Drive better, reliable engagements with DXSuite™ by Radiant Technology

The Radiant Digital Experience Suite (DXSuite™) serves as the core of your DCMS ecosystem, offering automation workflows, control mechanisms, seamless data integrations and monitoring and management capabilities. Its purpose is to ensure reliable and optimized end user experiences.

Our objective is to create a user-friendly, automated, and reliable ecosystem that allows you to focus on achieving desired outcomes, rather than getting bogged down by the intricacies of the systems.

API Gateway

The DXSuite API Gateway™ acts as a centralized data hub and API Gateway, enabling smooth integration between the CMS and other available data systems or sensors. This facilitates enhanced access to data, leading to improved future experience opportunities and better utilization of business intelligence.


The DXSuite Director™ provides a secure and user-friendly web interface for operations and authorized vendors to efficiently manage digital signage systems across your enterprise. In cases where existing automations and workflows are absent, Director fills the gap.


The DXSuite Pulse™ monitoring system serves as the ecosystem's monitoring mechanism, overseeing the entire system's health. Pulse goes beyond CMS monitoring to include hardware, software, infrastructure and data integrity, ensuring 99.9x% reliability for all digital experiences. Pulse integrates automated workflows, establishing resiliency measures and minimizing subpar experiences.

Maximize system uptime with remote monitoring.

Automate system reporting with Radiant Pulse to help drive decisions, increase user adoption and reduce total cost of ownership.


  • Actively monitor your digital signage ecosystems
    • Server and backoffice applications
    • Appliance/players, attached displays and peripherals
    • Operating systems and applications
    • Data feeds and data connectors
    • Network and power
  • Diagnose and resolve issues
  • Send automatic notifications and alerts
  • Generate reports
  • Monitor CMS dashboards
  • Integrate with ITSM tools like ServiceNow
Our team

our award-winning digital experience team

We have more than 20 years of experience driving transformative digital experiences. Not only do we implement your digital signage solutions, we also work as an extension of your team to bridge your digital experience gaps in these areas:

DCMS consolidation and infrastructure

Data integration and application engineering

Creative direction

UX and content workflows

User adoption training

Monitoring and management

Awards and Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays, such as LCD or LED screens, to display multi-media content including images, videos and text for informational, entertainment, educational or advertising purposes in public or private spaces.

A content management system for digital signage, referred to as a DCMS, is a software platform that allows authorized users to create, schedule and manage content displayed on digital signage screens. It provides a centralized interface to integrate data sources, design and update content, manage playlists and control the distribution of content to specific displays.

A digital signage CMS typically consists of two components: a server-side software and a client-side player. The server software is used to create and manage content, schedule playlists and define display settings. The client player, installed on the digital signage screens, receives instructions from the server and renders content for the display.

Radiant Technology Group offers the trifecta of innovative technology, reliable service and a client-centric approach. We provide advanced software integration capabilities to cater to diverse industry needs. Our Core Advantage managed and support services are unmatched by other providers, offering around-the-clock assistance and tailored solutions. Investing in a Radiant Technology digital experience solution gives you a blend of aesthetic appeal, technical robustness and consistent support for your digital signage ecosystem.

Some of the benefits of using a digital signage CMS include:

  • Centralized content management: easily create, update and schedule content from a single interface.
  • Flexibility and scalability: quickly adapt content to different locations, screens or target audiences.
  • Remote management: control and monitor displays remotely, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Real-time updates: Instantly push content changes or emergency notifications across multiple screens.
  • Data-driven insights: collect and display analytics on content performance and audience engagement.

The DXSuiteis an integrated digital signage ecosystem monitoring and management solutionversatile enough to use cross-industry and cross-department for impactful digital communications. The DXSuitesolution includes:

  • A scalable digital signage content management system.
  • An intuitive user interface for real-time or scheduled content updates.
  • Data integration to connect vital information sources to theDCMS.
  • Monitoring and reporting with online support.
  • Secure, integrated authentication and authorization.
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