Reliable, data-driven digital solutions for modern healthcare facilities

Radiant Technology seamlessly handles your collaboration and digital messaging needs, ensuring a patient-centric approach from start to finish. 

Our comprehensive solutions streamline workflows and connect your teams and patients with actionable information for an exceptional digital experience. Through holistic data integration, we optimize the patient journey from intake through discharge. 

From room scheduling to wayfinding, and patient room boards, Radiant Technology seamlessly delivers pertinent data when it matters most. 

Putting Patients First

Our scalable digital signage solutions distribute targeted messaging and data across multiple locations, so the right messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Connecting Critical Data

Our digital signage solutions integrate critical data, displaying relevant information to clinical staff. Team members can track key health metrics to improve staff efficiency and quality of care.

The Future of Healthcare: Where Cutting Edge-Technology Meets Patient-First Principles  

For more than twenty years, Radiant Technology Group has crafted innovative solutions centered around patient care. Our ability to create digital experiences and integrate data guarantees that critical information reaches the appropriate recipients precisely when it’s needed most. By diving deep into understanding the technological needs and preferences of your staff, we not only amplify their efficiency but also prioritize patient welfare.

Using our Proven Process, we tailor solutions to align with your operational goals, with a primary emphasis on placing patients at the heart of everything we do.

Modern Healthcare Facilities

From admission to discharge and throughout the patient’s journey, utilizing a single enterprise digital content management system (DCMS) ecosystem offers adaptability and scalability tailored to the needs of your medical facility. Our expert healthcare data team specializes in ensuring timely and accurate information delivery to the appropriate display at the just the right moment. Our solutions focus on the end user and are ADA/HIPAA/HITECH compliant. 

Roadway Signage

Display real-time traffic information and provide directions to available parking lots and hospital entrances to improve navigation outside the facility.

Architectural Signage

Surprise and delight with stunning works of digital art, large format video walls, and custom digital signage installations.

Waiting Area

Inform patients and their families with news, entertainment, and updates on appointment statuses and wait times.


Greet patients, visitors, and staff with digital art, large format video walls, and custom digital signage installations.

Interactive Information Boards

Enhance the patient experience with appointment check-in options, staff directories, facility maps, and multimedia content.

Public Information

Provide visitors with general information about the facility including policies, services, and announcements.


Integrate facility maps, system overrides and life safety systems to create an easy navigation experience for patients, visitors, and staff.

Donor Walls

Celebrate and display donor information in public areas throughout the hospital.


Integrate with hospital apps to provide patients with general information, scheduling services, and emergency information.

Patient Room and Operating Boards

Display real-time room occupancy, isolation precautions and patient safety alerts. Care providers can scan RFID badges to securely access and view patient medical records.

EMS/Life Safety

Integrate with existing life safety systems to instantly communicate information and direct patients and staff to safety during an emergency.

Nurse Station Boards

Nurse station boards display PHI-protected care information, staff on duty, and shift schedules. Boards can integrate with existing emergency code platforms to streamline communication.

Internal Employee Communications

Broadcast internal announcements, recognize staff and reinforce hospital policies to keep employees engaged and informed.

Huddle Boards

Huddle boards provide staff with detail overviews of patient care and department transitions while providing management with interactive SQDC boards to view KPIs.

Operations Management

Use striking visuals to simplify complex operational data and automate workflows for prompt issue remediation.

Training Rooms

Foster a collaborative environment for on-going education and development.

Simulation Labs

Offer hands-on training experience to simulate medical scenarios, enhance staff skills, and improve patient care outcomes.


Create a versatile space for large-scale presentations, conferences and educational events to promote continuous learning.
data consolidation

Improve patient engagement and operational efficiency with custom digital solutions.

At Radiant Technology, we view digital signage as more than content on displays. 

Our healthcare digital signage solutions consolidate all display system types throughout the facility, offering one platform to manage all content. Through consolidation, medical facilities can enhance the patient and guest experience and improve operations. 

Effortless Communication

Relay information to visitors and staff from an easy to use interface.

Patient Engagement

Create dynamic content for a variety of display types and mobile applications.

Operations Management

Manage your plafrom from a single source to increase efficiency and reporting.

Transformative digital engagements

 Ensure Reliability and User Adoption of Your Enterprise Digital Ecosystem

Our healthcare digital signage solutions consolidate all display system types throughout the facility, offering one platform to manage all digital content. Through consolidation, medical facilities can enhance the patient and guest experience and improve operations. 

Our offerings open the door to “The Art of Possible,” transforming the traditional healthcare signage into one digital canvas designed to unleash creative solutions and drive impact.  

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Get Started with Blueprint design services.

We help define your vision and bring it to life. Create a project charter with Blueprint design services. Blueprint services set a course for project success starting with discovery and design to ensure alignment with your business goals, desired outcomes and budget. Services include: 

  • Vision building and business process review
  • Schematics and drawings
  • Visualization and wireframes 
  • Presentation of findings and project plan

Blueprint design services align your vision and chart your project plan for success. Learn more.

unparalleled services

What's at your Core?

Core Advantage from Radiant Technology gives you direct access to our elite team of content specialists, development experts, programmers and support engineers.

Experience priority scheduling, maximize system uptime and decrease your total cost of ownership with a Core Advantage managed services program tailored to your unique needs. Our portfolio of enhanced services includes:

  • Guaranteed response times
  • Advanced exchange program
  • Focus sessions with content specialists
  • Content design updates
  • System monitoring, reporting and alerts
  • Remote help desk
  • Onsite meeting concierge

Receive unparalleled response time and dedicated support with our Core Advantage managed services program.