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National Systems Contractors Association Awards Radiant Technology Group with Excellence in Business Award

Columbus, Ohio—The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) awarded Radiant Technology Group the 2023 Excellence in Business Award for Talent Development. The award ceremony takes place February 28-March 2 in Irvine, Texas, to coincide with the 25th Business & Leadership Conference. NSCA is the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial integration industry.

Follow this link to view a full list of the 2023 EIB Award winners.

Radiant Technology earned the top spot for talent development by shifting hiring practices to focus on cross-training between proAV specialties and IT development when hiring new talent and training current employees. Radiant’s hiring mindset shift began in 2018 when a client requested a solution to drive better uptime for enterprise digital signage in their mission critical environment. Hiring a team of innovators who are technically minded and intrinsically motivated has allowed Radiant to solve problems internally and externally for clients, building the foundation for a successful and prosperous future.

Traditional methodology at the time was to design and build each system to meet unique requirements of clients and end users. Technical staff were available when a problem was reported, but this was solely a responsive reaction.

“The aforementioned project in 2018 made us realize the bigger opportunity was to change from being “responsive” to being “proactive,” noted Greg Myers, President and Founder of Radiant Technology Group. Being proactive required a mindset change about how to execute our proven process, blending together Radiant’s expertise in proAV with IT development. This change in mindset deviated from the traditional AV Integrator mindset of building systems to a new mindset about building enterprise ecosystems.

Greg Myers, President

Solving this problem required the creation of a monitoring system to automate issue identification and reporting. Using this proactive approach, Radiant support engineers can resolve issues to maximize system uptime while reducing the need for client intervention. The new approach required IT skills like network management, data architecture and software scripting skills, which were not typical in the proAV integration industry at that time.

Myers explains, “To build enterprise ecosystems you need people that understand the complexity of enterprise networks. People who can navigate the do’s and don’ts of network security and build alignment with governance. People who can create programs and scripts in more than Crestron® SIMPL software—and those skill sets were needed in every part of our organization.”

Hiring talent with information technology and software development skill sets became a requirement to fulfill client needs. The shift in hiring practices has enabled Radiant Technology to adapt to changing client expectations and quickly pivot to expand services when needs arise. The company no longer relies on vendors alone to develop products and software to solve problems and can now develop custom applications to solve problems to achieve client outcomes. As a result, the business can monitor ecosystems with real-time data and analytics providing highly reliable systems.

“The timing and circumstances were right to add team members with an IT background, and the risk paid off. We are now able to leverage the talent from our digital signage line of business across our organization and apply it to our proAV line more easily,” notes Andy Bourquin, Director of Professional Services. “When hiring, we are looking for developers who can learn by asking questions, creating solutions that continually push the envelope of innovation, and this has helped us stay ahead of the changes in our industry.”

Andy Bourquin, Director of Professional Services

From this change in hiring practices, products including Radiant Pulse™, Radiant Engage™ and the Radiant Digital Signage Controller™ have been developed to solve key challenges for clients where out-of-the-box solutions did not exist. These solutions are completely customized to the client’s specific needs and would not have been possible without the change in hiring practices. As these solutions are customizable, they continually evolve to meet changing clients’ needs, thanks to Radiant’s Development and Innovation team.

With the intentional focus on development and IT skills, Radiant Technology is seeing additional benefits that extend into their professional audiovisual line of business. The framework of thinking about client objectives has expanded and custom solutions are more easily developed while maintaining governance and building an ecosystem. The company has found hiring a workforce with a more diverse background has enabled Radiant to create niche solutions in an ever more competitive market.

“We are honored to be recognized by the NSCA with an Excellence in Business Award. We’ve been working hard to create hiring programs and standards that directly benefit our clients, Radiant Technology and the proAV industry.” said Greg Myers, Founder and President of Radiant Technology Group. “This shift in hiring practices provides our clients with highly reliable enterprise ecosystems.”

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