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Meeting Equity is a Critical Factor to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Radiant Technology Group uses audiovisual technologies to create better meeting equity

Columbus, OH—The way companies connect with employees is constantly evolving and has been propelled at hyper speed since 2020. Creating meeting equity helps teams of coworkers feel connected, boosting employee engagement and satisfaction no matter where they are located.

Meeting equity is defined as an equal experience for both on-site and remote meeting participants. Everyone can clearly hear one another, share content and see the visual cues and reactions of each participant—as if they were all in the same room.

A study conducted by Upwork that surveyed 1,500 hiring managers notes, “36.2 million workers or 22 percent of Americans will be working remotely by the 2025. This is an 87 percent increase from pre-pandemic levels.” Radiant Technology recently conducted a poll of its LinkedIn followers and found that more than 50 percent of respondents are using a hybrid work model while those working fully remote or fully in office are split nearly 25 percent each.

This transition to remote work brings meeting equity to the forefront of planning when updating existing technology or in planning for new office buildouts. Business leaders need to understand how and where their employees work to proactively address meeting equity.

Companies in the process of bringing employees back to the office may run into meeting equity issues if they have not considered these factors:


    • Determining their objectives.

    • Laying out governance and standards.

    • Assessing current and future infrastructure.

“Radiant Technology works with business leaders to create equitable meeting experiences,” said Mike Young, Radiant Technology Sales Engineer Manager. “We take the time to truly understand how they use meetings to make sure both remote and in-person participants feel included. Meeting equity must be determined by the goals and objectives that are unique to each type of meeting within an organization.”

Improving meeting equity leads to greater productivity, happier and more engaged employees and a workforce that has a greater connection to the company culture and mission, a win for employers and employees.

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