Accelerate decision making

We empower your teams to identify issues, collaborate and resolve them with speed using clear, digital calls to action.


Data integration and automation

We integrate your most important data sources, automate workflows and design strategic digital dashboards.

Eliminate the noise. Revisualize information with modern operations centers

You have TONS of data. We eliminate visual noise and give your teams the ability to zero in on the right information at the right time

Modernize your operations center into a smart environment to accelerate decision making and improve operations management.

Modern Operations Centers

Achieve better business outcomes with powerful data visualization

We cut through the clutter to bring your data to life with intelligent digital dashboards. Data integration, automated workflows, collaboration tools and the best visual calls to action empower your teams to proactive resolve issues faster.


Detect issues proactively with real-time calls to action and give your team a head start to resolve operational disruptions.


Connect and engage with the right resources at the right time—no matter the location with secure, reliable collaboration systems.


Accelerate decisions, resolve operational disruptions, reduce risks, increase safety and positively impact your bottom line.

Let Radiant Technology help you reach these goals.

We assist operations management in achieving their objectives by providing powerful tools that organize resources and data for optimal visualization. Our solutions can be displayed on video walls and desktops, effectively demonstrating relevance and impact. With automated workflows, we guarantee the delivery of the right messaging and visuals precisely when needed. 


Consolidate content management platforms and integrate a myriad of data sources into a single source of information.


Design clear visual dashboards combining your preferences with best practices to draw attention to the most important information.


Set thresholds and build smart automation to trigger alerts and optimize workflows.


Secure access from anywhere in the world .

In environments where every second counts, the ability to zero in on incidents prior to breakdowns empowers your team to focus on what matters most—your clients and your assets. Keep proprietary data secure and reliably connect your teams no matter their location using our integrated solutions to extend your visual dashboards and collaboration capabilities beyond the video wall.

Complete modern operations solutions.

Integrated Operations Centers

Unify operations with data integration to extend critical information across multifunctional teams.

Network Operations Centers

Centralize telecommunications and satellite network systems for 24/7 monitoring.

Security Operations Centers

Protect your company against cyber attacks and breaches, provide cloud security and assist in regulatory compliance.

Logistics/Distribution Centers

View real-time information for critical transport and logistical tracking.

War Rooms

Create strategic spaces where your teams can view and aggregate information to make critical, timely decisions.

Airport Operations Centers

Centralize and manage critical airport operations like security with real-time data and automated alerts.

Command Centers

Access a comprehensive, centralized view of real-time operational data to optimize and improve response time.

Emergency Operations Centers

Emergency Operations Centers Support incident management activities from a single system no matter your location.

Grid Management Centers

Monitor critical power, energy and watershed grids while integrating and monitoring the impact of weather and other conditions.
revisualize with actionable data

Proactive, real-time monitoring



We eliminate visual noise and give your teams the ability to zero in on the right information at the right time. 

Using revisualized dashboards, we ensure multiple data points are easily understood and visible from video walls, computer screens and mobile devices in remote locations. Our dashboards and custom environments drive your organizational goals and enable efficient, effective operations management. 

  • Proactive, real-time monitoring
  • Event identification and prioritization
  • Automated event response
  • Incident response and recovery
  • Remediation activities
  • Detailed audit-compliant reporting
  • Forensic investigation or incidents/events
  • Compliance and regulations

Start Your Projects Off Right With Core Advantage Services

 Ensure Reliability and User Adoption of Your operations center Ecosystem

Operations centers require mission-critical support to avoid downtime of the digital assets that keep your business running smoothly. Core Advantage™ support and managed services from Radiant Technology provides direct access to our elite team of content specialists, development experts, programmers and support engineers.

With Radiant Technology, we work as an extension of your team to deliver the right services and support level you need. Maximize system uptime and decrease your total cost of ownership with a Core Advantage support program tailored to your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data visualization allows decision-makers to grasp information quickly and intuitively. Data that is presented visually using custom dashboards enables deeper insights and understanding.

Effective data visualization enables exploratory analysis by providing interactive and dynamic visual representations. Decision-makers can interact with visuals, filter data, drill down into specific details and identify outliers or anomalies. Triggers are put in place to notify operators that critical thresholds have been met, ensuring your systems remain functional.

Operations centers monitor critical systems and processes. Data visualization allows decision-makers to monitor key performance indicators and metrics visually, enabling the early detection of anomalies, deviations and potential issues. This enables proactive decision-making to address problems before they escalate.

Keep proprietary data and information secure and reliably connect your teams no matter their location using our integrated solutions to extend your visual dashboards and collaboration capabilities beyond the video wall.

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