We Make Meetings Simple

We make audiovisual technology simple so you can connect and engage no matter where you choose to work and learn.

We Empower Equity

Our hybrid meeting solutions give everyone the feeling of a front row seat for more equitable and productive meetings.


Reliable Collaboration Solutions Built for Business

We ensure your business objectives are seamlessly integrated with reliable, cutting-edge collaboration technology for any space, guaranteeing an equitable user-friendly experience no matter the location.

Our solutions-based approach emphasizes meeting and presence equity by perfectly balancing design and functionality to enhance productivity and deliver your desired outcomes.


Seamless communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing

Leverage technology to foster innovation, growth and success. We focus on your end users to design system functionality that hits the mark every time.


Collaborate where you work, learn and live.

Equip your work and learning environments with well-designed, intuitive systems to promote meeting and presence equity and a culture of collaboration.

Conference Rooms

Found in nearly every office space, conference room systems promote effective communication and presence equity for all participants.

Board Rooms

Intuitive boardroom systems enable executives and board members to focus on what matters most, to making impactful strategic decisions.

Training Rooms

Modern training rooms integrate the latest audiovisual technology to facilitate learning and foster engagement.

Huddle Spaces

Versatile huddle spaces are designed to spark spontaneous collaboration and are equipped with tools to quickly gather and exchange ideas with audiovisual technology.


Modern auditoriums blend intelligent automation and controls with intuitive audiovisual systems to foster unity and shared purpose.


Hybrid cafeteria and auditorium space to collaborate and build community with audiovisual capabilities that support presentations.

Divide Combine Rooms

Divide combine rooms are designed to function as versatile spaces that can be divided into smaller sections or combined into a larger area as needed.

Open Collaboration Spaces

Open collaboration spaces empower teams by providing a flexible environment to work together, resulting in improved outcomes and innovation.

Collaboration Lounges

Collaboration lounges are designed to enhance efficiency, visualization, and ideation among small groups of colleagues, no matter their location.

unparalleled services

Project success starts with our design and managed services.

We get to know you. Your vision. Your workflows. How you measure success. Then we apply the right systems and support to get your teams connecting, collaborating and producing results.

Blueprint design services align your vision and chart your project plan for success. Learn more.

Core Advantage managed and support services deliver maximum value to your business. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Radiant Technology specializes in various types of conference room systems, such as interactive displays, video conferencing and digital signage, among others. We help you determine the most effective system for your specific needs based on room size, company size, the nature of your meetings and your budget.

We carefully consider your business’s unique needs when designing your system. We get to know your communication requirements, the size and layout of your conference rooms, number of participants, the types of meetings you conduct, your budget and any specific technological needs or preferences you have. We also consider future growth or changes in your company. From there, we design a customized AV system that meets your unique needs. We recommend our Blueprint design services for clients with mission critical spaces or who want to create enterprise-wide room standards.

The best equipment will be of little use if your staff doesn’t know how to use it.We provide comprehensive training to your AV/IT team members to ensure they can operate the system effectively. Post-installation support with our Core Advantage program includes regular system checks, software updates, troubleshooting and 24/7 helpdesk support.

Ease of use is critical for conference room systems. Employees should be able to easily connect their devices and use the system without technical difficulties. We offer solutions like touch panel controls, universal remotes and systems that automatically connect to devices when they’re in the room.

We partner with technology manufacturers where we have experience and insight into the quality and reliability of their systems and components. We ensure compatibility with your existing equipment and work with you based on specific brand preference.

At a root level, Total Cost of Ownership includes: the initial investment, management, support, the opportunity cost of downtime and other productivity losses. To avoid throwing away money, we work with clients to develop a lifecycle strategy that drives impact. We can conclusivelydemonstrate a reduction in TCO with Core Advantage managed services to mitigate downtime and ensure effective user adoption.

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