Accelerate decision making

We consolidate data sources vital to your operations and deliver reliable visibility of real-time information to track, manage and mitigate issues.

Deliver better impact

We integrate your most important data sources, automate workflows and design strategic digital dashboards.

Reliable, data-driven digital solutions for modern manufacturing and logistics

We develop digital solutions that streamline workflows and connect your teams to actionable information to drive operational improvements and efficient environments. Get better data visualization, access to real-time metrics and collaboration tools with Radiant Technology as your partner in continuous improvement. 

Modernize your manufacturing and logistics environment to increase visibility of key metrics and KPIs to accelerate production and mitigate risks. 

data consolidation

Deliver faster, safer, more efficient operations with digital solutions.

We consolidate vital operational data to a single source and give your team greater visibility of real-time metrics with automated calls to action. Proactively address issues and accelerate decisions to stay competitive and optimize operations. 

Process optimization

Streamline operational data to a single source.

Quality control

Maintain quality control with real-time metrics.

Supply chain visibility

Real-time tracking and automated CTAs.

Global visibility. secure assets.

Monitor floor operations from anywhere in the world

View what’s happening on the factory floor from anywhere in the world while keeping your proprietary data secure. When every second counts, the ability to zero in on incidents and accelerate decision making protects what matters most−your clients and your assets. Extend visual dashboards and collaboration capabilities beyond the video wall.

Transformative digital engagements

 Ensure Reliability and User Adoption of Your Enterprise Digital Ecosystem

Radiant Technology Group has partnered with businesses for more than 20 years, to connect people with the right information at the right time and in the right place.

For manufacturers, this means we work to understand your end users and prescribe the best solutions and services to meet your unique operational improvement goals.

Experience comprehensive digital transformation audiovisual solutions and services:

  • Consultation and design
  • Digital signage and collaboration systems
  • Content design updates
  • Development and programming
  • Data integration, automation and visualization
  • System monitoring, reporting and alerts
  • Guaranteed response times

Work smarter with data intelligence

In modern manufacturing environments, working smarter with data intelligence is a necessity, as it drives better decision-making, increases efficiency, and provides a competitive edge. Radiant Technology Group helps you digitize, visualize, analyze, collaborate and remediate critical information so your organization can effectively harness the power of data intelligence. 







One platform to rule them all.

Platform consolidation for greater efficiency

From the manufacturing floor to the front door, choose a single enterprise digital signage platform that provides flexibility and scalability to grow with your operations.

  • Recreate visuals from legacy systems
  • Personalize and customize dashboards
  • Plot data on digital signage
  • Provide training and support

Platform consolidation saves time, money and resources. It also makes an efficient, cost-effective choice for custom development.

unparalleled services

What's at your Core?

Core Advantage from Radiant Technology gives you direct access to our elite team of content specialists, development experts, programmers and support engineers.

Experience priority scheduling, maximize system uptime and decrease your total cost of ownership with a Core Advantage managed services program tailored to your unique needs. Our portfolio of enhanced services includes:

  • Guaranteed response times
  • Advanced exchange program
  • Focus sessions with content specialists
  • Content design updates
  • System monitoring, reporting and alerts
  • Remote help desk
  • Onsite meeting concierge

Receive unparalleled response time and dedicated support with our Core Advantage managed services program.