In today’s technology-driven world, digital signage has become an essential tool for organizations seeking to enhance communication and engagement. But what if we told you that its impact could extend far beyond a single department or project?

The potential of digital signage knows no bounds, reaching every corner of your enterprise and transforming the way you do business. From corporate communications that foster a sense of unity to manufacturing production lines that optimize efficiency, digital signage holds the key to unlocking vast opportunities across your company’s footprint.

When considering a digital signage deployment, it’s important to think about the long-term goals and use cases beyond the initial deployment. Every company should take the following items into consideration before starting a digital signage deployment.

Think About the Big Picture

Digital signage doesn’t have to be limited to one area of your enterprise: Digital signage benefits all departments and lines of business across an organization. From corporate communications to manufacturing production lines, digital signage improves awareness and engages audiences across your company’s footprint.

We recommend organizations consider a digital ecosystem in place of a standard digital signage solution. While a signage solution can deliver content to displays in your facilities, the digital ecosystem encompasses all components of a scalable environment including hardware, software, end users, IT governance and solution management.

Shifting focus from a one-off signage deployment to an ecosystem provides a firm foundation for future signage projects. In addition, a holistic digital ecosystem offers better ROI and ROX by providing opportunities for increased revenue, waste reduction and employee retention.

Start Small

If your organization is considering a digital signage implementation, it’s a good practice to start with a small, localized deployment. Starting with a small signage deployment is a smart way to manage budgets and limit risk. Further projects should then build upon the success of that first deployment.

The Radiant Technology team specializes in digital signage consultation. We want to understand your business objectives and internal workflows, so we can help you develop an implementation roadmap that helps you build a holistic digital signage environment designed to help achieve your business outcomes.

Consdier What You Want to Show

Every company is different, and your digital signage content should be tailored to your unique needs. The information on your signage should reflect your brand, your message and your KPIs.

While we have the ability to provide layout templates, we understand that not all organizations find value in the “rinse and repeat” approach. Our team of creatives and data experts are available to work with your team to integrate data and design content layouts that deliver the specific information you need to present.

Involve the Right Stakeholders

There is value in the versatility of digital signage. Since each department has different needs, it’s important to engage the right stakeholders within your organization to ensure project success.

 If your company wants to show corporate communications, then members from your Marketing, HR and Internal Comms teams should be part of the project planning team. If the signage deployment centers around production KPIs on the manufacturing floor, operations and analytics staff can provide insight into how metrics should be displayed. Including department stakeholders during the planning process ensures better alignment around business objectives and success metrics. It also limits project delays and unplanned costs during the project deployment process.

Engage a Qualified Integrator

Anyone can deploy digital signage, but a digital ecosystem deployment requires the expertise of a qualified integrator. Because the integrator works with you to assess more than the hardware and software, your organization benefits from better scalability, reliability and support.

Radiant Technology has over 20 years of experience as a digital signage systems integrator. We help customers across all verticals identify digital solutions that deliver outlined business objectives. We design, deploy and manage digital ecosystems based on our customers’ needs.   

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