Guest Blog – Omnivex Corporation – The Possibilities are Endless with an Integrated Digital Signage Network

As part of our Enterprise Digital Signage series we invited our strategic partner, Omnivex Corporation, to speak on integrated digital signage networks. Read on to find out more about enhancing the employee and visitor experience across your enterprise with digital signage. 

Create an integrated digital signage network across your organization

Manage communications across your organization with a network of digital screens, including welcome screens, meeting room screens, digital KPI dashboards, and mobile apps. Digital signs can be used everywhere, including the factory floor, breakroom, boardroom, lobby, and anything in between. Enhance employee and visitor experience with digital signage and create a positive environment that engages employees and improves productivity.

Welcome Screens

Exterior digital signage and welcome screens help greet employees and visitors with relevant and timely information. First impressions matter; digital signs can help create a welcoming environment that reflects your corporate brand. Ensure all the information visitors need is handy and visible. For example, highlight the location of popular areas, visitor parking/entrance, and employee entrances. Make information portable by integrating a QR code onto your screens that visitors can scan with their mobile devices and access the same information.

Video Wall

Create a “WOW” factor as visitors and employees enter your lobby and see a video wall telling your brand story. Whether small or large, a video wall provides a unique opportunity to incorporate 4K video and imagery to engage viewers. There are projection, LED, and LCD options when creating your video wall. Additionally, consider unique shapes and designs for your video wall beyond the standard rectangle, such as curved, angled, and more. Finally, consider some aspect of gamification on your video wall by enabling visitors to interact with it through their mobile devices while they wait in your lobby.

Virtual Receptionist

Digital signage enables you to monitor who enters and leaves your facilities without needing a person at a reception desk. Register visitors with a simple screen interface and share instructions. Connect with other communications systems to notify employees their guest has arrived or with a printer to print a name badge. A QR code can help avoid congestion at self-service screens by allowing visitors to register they have arrived right from their mobile device.


Digital signage is your most flexible option for navigating large, multi-floor, or building facilities. Incorporate wayfinding information onto general information screens or create an interactive wayfinding kiosk that allows visitors to enter their destination and view directions. Enable visitors to download wayfinding directions from the interactive kiosk to their mobile phones, so they are handy as they make their way around your facilities.

Employee Communications

Share news, announcements, policy updates, HR information, and more on digital screens throughout the organization. Make any computer, digital screen, video wall, mobile phone part of your organization’s digital signage network. Highlight recent successes and achievements, customer accolades, or other praise from company social media networks. Additionally, provide real-time weather, transit, and traffic updates to help employees plan their trip home. Finally, consider customizing content by location – department, building, or geographic location.

KPI Dashboards

Create digital KPI dashboards and automate the sharing of KPIs across your organization. Integrate various data sources, including CRM, ERP, inventory, BI, and more, to provide an accurate view of the state of the business. Extend the reach of your KPIs with customized KPI dashboards by department, location, and more. Enable employees and managers to access the KPI dashboard from their mobile phones or tablet.

Emergency Notifications

Extend your emergency and disaster preparedness plans with digital signage. Integrate digital signage and notifications to mobile phones with your audio alarms to share crucial supplemental information. For example, highlight the type of emergency and location and provide visual directions and cues.

Meeting Rooms

Use digital signage to manage room scheduling and capacity limits. Integrate digital signage with calendars and other scheduling systems to ensure screens outside meeting rooms update in real-time as information changes. For example, adjust the screen background color to make it quick and easy to visually determine when a room is in use. Enable employees to quickly book a meeting room directly from their mobile phone and have the schedule update in real-time.

Digital Cafeteria Menu Boards

Bring your corporate branding into your cafeteria with digital menu boards. Create dynamic digital menus reflecting your branding that rotate through nutritional information, pricing, and options. Set menus to automatically adjust based on various factors, including time, inventory, weather, and more. Provide customers with the ability to order from a self-serve kiosk or mobile phone.

From welcome screens to wayfinding to video walls to KPI dashboards and everywhere in between, Omnivex digital signage software enables you to create stunning visual communications.

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