Radiant Technology Group uses audiovisual technologies to remove barriers to remote work

Columbus, Ohio – Serendipity, creating desirable outcomes by chance or accident is often cited as lacking in remote work environments. The water cooler talk that has been credited as sparking innovation wasn’t easily accessible with the quick shift to remote work. What if team members didn’t need to be in the office to spark creativity? Radiant Technology Group’s innovative digital technology solutions create opportunities for spontaneous ideation and connection, blending the best of in-person and remote work options.

“We want to create those chance intersections of people that spark ideation, engagement and problem solving that happen naturally when people are together, as opposed to scheduled virtual meetings.” Said Douglas Freutel, Vice President and Visionary at Radiant Technology Group. “Using a combination of collaboration services and virtual components, these cubicle conversations can be actualized in the work from anywhere world.”

To recreate a native office experience using digital technology, a portal program is set up to act as a virtual collaborative space. If a team member wants to step away from independent work to collaborate, they can virtually check in and instantly see other team members who are available to connect. Seats can be reserved in groups to accommodate up to seven participants.

Live cameras allow team members to connect “face-to-face” to bounce ideas off of each other, or to connect on a more personal level. Creating a hub of activity, or the virtual water cooler environment, not only strengthens creative ideation, it also solidifies a positive corporate culture that is used to encourage engagement.

“Technology is one component of creating a successful collaborative environment,” said Justin Wogen, Business Development Manager at Radiant Technology. “Setting a foundation and creating a culture where the technology is often utilized in collaborative ways brings about the most success.”

A successful collaboration foundation can be created with Radiant Technology’s Blueprint design services. A Blueprint lays the framework for a multi-year digital ecosystem plan which increases system uptime and allows team members to connect and prepare for future business needs. This is done by understanding business objectives-from the vision at the executive level to the workflows used by front-line employees.

“We want to make office work more meaningful, but not lose sight of expanding the culture of engagement to work from anywhere. It’s where presence equity and meeting equity come into play with designing the office hub of the future,” said Freutel. “Focusing on intentionality allows team members to be more creative when the mood strikes, sparking innovation naturally.”

About Radiant Technology Group 

For more than  20 years, Radiant Technology Group has transformed the way organizations engage with end users by creating unique digital experiences. Taking a consultative approach, they design, install and support audiovisual technologies to help businesses achieve objectives and drive results. With a constant focus on the end user, Radiant’s team of certified professionals develop innovative client solutions to deliver greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings. 

Radiant Technology is a trusted partner to many large corporate businesses across the US and abroad in the primary industries of manufacturing, logistics, transportation, financial, and education. Enhanced offerings like Blueprint design services and Core Advantage managed services support clients in each facet of the collaboration ecosystem. 

Notable recognitions include and Excellece in Business Award for Talent Development (NSCA), BizTech Awards for Outstanding Innovation (Columbus Business First), a Top 10 Promising Collaboration Solution Provider (CIOReview) and listed among the nation’s top integrators (System Contractor’s News). Radiant has garnered accolades for its digital signage installations with several customers including Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Cardinal Health and John Glenn Columbus International Airport. 

To visit a Radiant Experience Center in Columbus call 800.348.4008 or visit www.radianttech.net