Mission critical companies understand the consequences associated with operational downtime. In a recent survey conducted by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, an estimated 40% of enterprise organizations estimate that a single hour of system downtime cost their organizations approximately $1 million to $5 million in lost revenue—not including legal fees, fines or penalties. Additionally, 47% of small business enterprises incur an estimated cost of $167 per minute of system downtime. Companies with reliable access to real-time data, staff and incident management software can minimize operational downtime.

An Integrated Operations Center (IOC) from Radiant Technology Group can streamline processes and personnel to maximize system performance and provide access to critical information. We provide the audio-visual collaboration technology required to evaluate mission-critical operations, improve response time and reliably connect with local and remote staff. Our solution helps companies collect and visualize real-time data to improve the decision-making process. Our 24/7 monitoring solution manages incident and smooths transitions between tasks and work shifts.

Most IOCs use video walls to view data, monitor local media and track workflows. However, not all data is accessible or clearly organized, which can delay decision-making processes and issue response. Companies require the ability to customize their visual dashboards with relevant, real-time data. We work with your team to identify needed data and build custom dashboard layouts to ensure relevant content delivery. Centralized data is automatically pushed to your visual dashboards in real-time, so your staff can effective decisions and reduce risk.

Our IOC collaboration technology extends beyond the video wall. With our solution, your remote staff have secure access to the dashboards as the staff working in your facility. The current data displayed on the video wall is available to remote workers in a mobile format, so they receive the same information and updates your local staff receive. Our collaboration technology offers complete and dynamic interaction with data from all departmental silos, which provides company-wide visibility and transparency.

System monitoring is crucial for operational uptime. Our 24/7 monitoring solution identifies issues before they occur, so our remote Help Desk staff can mitigate and resolve concerns before they effect business operations. Additionally, our monitoring solution integrates with ITSM Service Now for automatic ticket generation. Our team is notified if and when an issue occurs to ensure a prompt resolution and avoid system downtime.

Radiant’s IOC collaboration technology can support your Unified Collaboration platform and improve meetings between local and remote staff. Organizers can start meetings in under 15 seconds and successfully share content in under 2 minutes. We design audio and video capture systems to ensure all participants can be clearly seen and heard. Your entire IOC can be controlled with just a tap of a touch screen.

Our Integrated Operations Center systems are tailored to meet your unique needs. If you would like to learn more about our solution or schedule a demonstration, please contact us at the button below.