Designing collaboration spaces is more than just displays and computers. We have found that most organizations suffer from lack of understanding about functionality and options when it comes to what they are buying. This leads to buyer’s remorse after a project is installed. To solve this issue, we are adding Virtual Reality renderings to our Blueprint service.  Our Blueprint VR Design services elevate your capability to test and tune your design ideas in a live virtual environment to make decisions faster with more successful outcomes. This process will save you time and money while getting your investments to drive productivity quicker.   

This custom design allows the end user to see how the video wall will look from each seat in the room.

The Future of Workspace Design

The future of workspace design is here, and it is more interactive and user-centric than ever before. With Radiant Blueprint VR, we’re not just designing spaces; we’re creating experiences. Imagine walking into your newly designed boardroom and feeling immediately at ease, knowing every element has been tailored to your needs and preferences. That’s the kind of confidence and satisfaction we aim to deliver.  

Our VR design capabilities extend beyond the mere placement of furniture and equipment. We delve into the nuances of acoustics, lighting, user perspectives, technology integration and room aesthetics. Ensuring every aspect of your room is conducive to productivity and comfort. Whether it’s adjusting camera placement for the best remote perspective or moving microphones to get the optimal range, our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart. This process starts with visualizations that bring ideas to life, making them easy for anyone to understand.    

How is it done?

After receiving your room specifications, we build the room in our virtual reality environment. From there we will virtually collaborate with your team to design a room that is not only highly functional and technologically advanced but pleasing to the eye. You’ll be able to access your virtual environment in a 360-degree viewer to share with others and get alignment before committing to the project.  

You can also get the full VR experience by coming into our Columbus Experience Center. In addition to the virtual experience, you can get hands-on demonstrations of different technologies and work with our engineers to R&D different concepts.  

When you visit our Experience Center you'll be able to visualize how sound bounces off of elements in the room seeing the reverberation in real time. After visualizing this, we are able to make adjustments to your layout to create the best possible experience for your participants.
With Blueprint VR you can see how each meeting participant will see the screen. You can change the placement of video walls and cameras, enhancing the experience for each end user. This visualization helps with the layout of the room and the overall functionality.

The Benefits

The combination of VR and thorough planning empowers our Clients to make informed decisions that impact the bottom line. This leads to the creation of optimized, state-of-the-art collaboration spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional.   

  • Saves time – Designing the room and visualizing it saves time in the decision-making process. 
  • Saves money – speeds implementation. reduces change orders, drives productivity. 
  • Experience the room before it’s built – with our VR design tools you’ll be able to experience different room layouts, finding the perfect fit for your budget  

Partnerting with Radiant Technology Group

Radiant Technology Group’s Blueprint VR Design is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to the future of workspace optimization. It’s about empowering clients to envision, modify, and perfect their spaces before a single physical change is made. It’s about innovation, sustainability, and creating workspaces that not only look good but feel right. This is not just the future of room design; it’s a new era of client empowerment and environmental responsibility. Embrace the change with us, and let’s design the future together. 

What's Next?

After your room is designed and approved, our team will start the physical build in our shop. We verify your specifications and ensure each component is functional before assembly at your location. Once the build is complete in the shop, we’ll bring it to your location and get your room ready for you. After the room is complete, protect your investment with a managed services contract from Radiant Technology Group. With Radiant Pulse Monitoring we can remotely monitor your systems to increase system uptime.