When your company implements new technology solutions in your offices, you expect the end result to produce your desired outcomes. But what happens when the end result hasn’t been considered? The final product will work, but the result may not deliver the impact needed to drive your business goals.

At Radiant Technology Group, we consider all components of your collaboration ecosystem. We strive to understand your end users, governance standards, infrastructure requirements and management needs before we design technology solutions. This approach ensures we deliver an effective collaboration solution tailored to your unique needs.

Our Discovery Questionnaire is our first step in understanding your collaboration ecosystem. These questions help us learn more about your future system and the impact it should bring to your company.

What objectives are you trying to achieve with this project? 

Objectives can be more than just business objectives. Are you looking for collaboration technology to increase productivity? Do you want to improve meeting start time? By understanding your objectives at the beginning, we can customize a solution that achieves your desired outcomes.

How will you measure the expected outcomes? Do you need help measuring those outcomes as they relate to return on objective, return on experience or return on income?

Effective strategies for collaboration technology include people, devices, applications and data. While most companies have moved beyond a bottom-line focus, demonstrating value, cost savings and risk reduction are still important. Identifying meaningful metrics like meeting engagement, stakeholder retention and productivity can strengthen team collaboration and help achieve your business goals.

Are there specific problems we need to solve?

Poor audio or user adoption of a complex control system create meeting downtime, which negatively impacts your company’s ability to do business. When we understand the problems your teams face, we can prescribe solutions and services to solve your specific challenges.

How will end users engage and what is most important for them to experience with each interaction? Where and when will these collaboration engagements take place? 

In order to tailor a solution to maximize your Return on Investment, we need to design a system that your staff will use. That’s why we consider the perspectives of end users who are engaged in collaboration. Remote participants offer different perspectives than staff working in the office. Individual departments may also use systems differently. If several solutions are required, it’s important to consider how each space is used to ensure we meet your staff’s needs.

Have you considered on-going investment costs for incremental improvements and service to maintain or improve results? Who will manage the system after implementation?

New collaboration technology won’t stay new forever. Companies should consider a maintenance and service plan to extend the longevity of their collaboration systems. Having a service and support plan in place reduces downtime and provides cost savings.

Describe your current collaboration infrastructure.

 Our solutions are customized to meet your needs. To create a technology system that achieves your desired results, we need to understand how your team currently collaborates. We want to see how your users interact with the technology and each other. This helps us design simple and intuitive solutions.

Are there any hurdles we need to address (i.e., IT, security, data availability, construction, etc.)?

 Before orchestrating your AV installation, we like to take stock of any hurdles or impediments that could hinder system functionality and deployment. We assess the electrical requirements, network security, bandwidth needs and cable pathways. If the installation is part of a larger construction project, we consider timelines and coordination with other trades.

What is the expected financial impact from achieving your return on income, objective or experience?

 Simply put, how much money does your company save when you start meetings on time with no complications? When your collaboration technology is simple and your staff is properly trained to use the equipment, your business will see maximized productivity. Additionally, companies only view a room upgrade as a capitol expense or a necessary investment. We design efficient solutions that actually make or save you time and money.

What level of investment have you deemed appropriate to achieve these outcomes?

 Budgets are required for AV technology deployments. It is important for businesses to consider how much money should be allocated for the collaboration technology. To properly address and solve problems, necessary funds are required. We do our best to work within our customers’ budget, so knowing limitations up front can help us create the appropriate solution within the proper scope.

What is your timeline to see results?

 We need to understand when you expect to see the result of your measured objectives. By creating a timeline and implementing the technology necessary to deliver on the objectives, you can build a plan that enables your teams to execute long term goals through focus and collective accountability.

Are you considering new collaboration technology for your business? You can prepare for a conversation with our knowledgeable Business Development Managers by considering these questions. Let us know how we can help. Connect today.