A Seamless and Smart Choice

The digital landscape has shifted, and with it, the benchmarks for effective communication. Simply having an enterprise digital signage solution isn’t enough anymore; it’s about ensuring every pixel, every message, and every integration is working in harmony with your business goals. Often times we hear of the shortcomings of competitor solutions, including hardware and software functionality issues, lack of scalability, and poor connectivity. Why stick with familiar shortcomings when Radiant offers a fresh, optimized approach to enterprise digital signage?

It’s Easier than it Sounds – and Cost Effective

In years past conversations about replacing your DCMS would have brought anxiety to budgetary fears to the table, however, the reality is that making this transition is now more straightforward and cost-effective than ever before. Rather than being a daunting “lift and replace” endeavor, there is an opportunity to optimize your current investments by reusing certain elements of your current systems.

Doug Freutel, VP and Visionary notes,

“By adopting a strategic approach and proper planning, you can maximize the value of your existing hardware investments. This means that you don’t have to start from scratch each time you consider a DCMS upgrade. We believe in the power of lifecycle planning, where we guide you on a path to reuse your current systems until the time is right for a technology upgrade.”

Doug Freutel, VP and Visionary

Beyond Integration – It’s Synchronization

At Radiant, we don’t just “integrate,” we synchronize. Where there’s an API gateway, there’s a way. Our team works to craft a bridge between critical data and systems that seamlessly melds essential data and tools, fortifying your team’s objectives and ensuring a streamlined experience.

Integration isn’t only about making two systems talk; it’s about making them sing in harmony. Radiant’s approach ensures that your digital signage solutions perfectly echo your business goals, communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time. Whether it’s internal communications messages, displaying target KPIs and critical data, or interactive content that reaches your audience, enterprise digital signage solutions from Radiant Technology will have you soaring above your competition.

Not Just Support – We’re Your Digital Ally

Building bonds matter to us, we work as an extension of your team. Our support solutions specialists are perpetually on at the ready, guaranteeing every concern finds a swift resolution. From the latest software upgrades to in-depth resources and anticipatory troubleshooting-consider Radiant your unwavering digital ally.

The Radiant Differentiator

We make managed services simple with Core Advantage. With Core Advantage you’ll receive unparalleled response times and dedicated support. Our easy-to-understand process and transparent cost structure provide a worry-free experience. Our managed services are designed to deliver reliable modern experiences, be it in the workplace, a smart city environment, operation center, or manufacturing floor.

What’s included? Each plan it tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Components of Core Advantage include: onsite service and repair, preventative care, remote monitoring and helpdesk support, advanced exchange, vision building, and continued digital signage content management and training.

Learn more about Core Advantage.

The Digital Ecosystem

Radiant Technology is committed to delivering our customers a world class experience through strategic and customizable services. These services are designed to fill critical gaps in your digital ecosystem by positioning Radiant’s experts as an extension of your team.

The Core Advantage program guarantees our best minds and our passion is focused on your success. It is a commitment to protecting your investments and maximizing the lifecycle of the technology you depend on to communication and collaborate, drive innovation and growth and deliver measurable outcomes.

Scalability Isn’t a Buzzword – It’s Our Blueprint

While our competitors may think one project at a time, here at Radiant technology we know scalability isn’t a buzzword, it’s in our DNA. When we begin a DCMS consolidation, we focus on the future, laying a path for growth and expansion. We know that talk of growth shouldn’t be wishful thinking; it’s your enterprise’s destiny. That’s why Radiant’s offerings aren’t static, they evolve.

With our Blueprint services we’re able to plan scalability with you, evolving together as you grow, diversify, and amplify your operations. Our digital signage solutions can flex and expand alongside you, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of the digital curve.

Working with Radiant Technology, we conduct a current state survey, present our findings, and plan scalability for the future.